Dr. Akaegbobi Mike
Project co-leader and head of local organizing committee) Passed away of the 10th September 2017 .The wake keep was on October 30th at Ibadan and burial on the 1st and 2nd of November at Orsumughu (East Nigeria.
2017 annual meeting group picture
2017 Training Yaoundé
2015 IGCP646 on the field
2017 Data acquisition during IGCP 646 Field School
2017 Group photo of participants to 1st IGCP 646 Field school a
2015 Group photo IGCP 646

Proposed mode of work




The project is envisaged to bring together scientists active in theoretical research with those working in the field. This will be accomplished by means of workshops accompanied with field excursions. Such format will help integrate the field work being carried out in developing countries with the models developed by scientists in Europe. The IGCP₋SIDA₋UNESCO Project 616 Y field school (02) provided an excellent opportunity for disseminating and exchange of knowledge, skills and experience between young and senior scientist and between early career earth scientists from developed and less developed countries. The enthusiasm manifested by the participants clearly suggests that field school is a useful tool to equip the next generation of earth scientists with the necessary innovative tools for addressing the challenges of geological field mapping, environmental management such as climate change adaptation and prevention of natural hazards